Passive fire protection

Fire protection painting according to your needs.

Fire protection closings

We close the piping holes through fire protective barriers.

Our fire protection services include the fire protective painting of steel structures and the closing of piping holes.

We deliver our services through experienced personnel. We use the products of Dunamenti Tűzvédelem Zrt. We work according to 5/2011 (XII/7) BM law. We provide the documentation for the hand over as well.


The solidity of steel structures above 500 Celsius deteriorate fast. In case of fire the steel structures cannot hold the weights and the buildings can collapse.

With fire protective painting the overheating of the steal structures can be postponed. We can provide painting from 15 min to 240 min fire resistance.

The electrical or other pipes go through the fire protective barriers of the buildings. The gaps are to be closed using special fire resistance materials. These solutions can hold up the fire up to 120 mins.


Hilti closing solution

Please have a look at this video to get acquainted with Hilti's solution.


Fire protection painting

We coat the steels structure in different thickness according to you needs.

We paint the steel structures on site.

Fire protective closing

We plug the holes at the fire protection barriers of the buildings with special materials.

We can use elastic materials if needed.

Anti corrosion painting

Under the fire protection painting anti corrosion paint is necessary. We can handle that as well.

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