Induserv is a leading scaffold erection, rental and seller company in Hungary. The German HÜNNEBECK BOSTA facade scaffolds, and MODEX modular scaffolds belong to our product portfolio. Our client portfolio includes the best Hungarian and multinational construction and energy companies. Our stable and highly qualified workforce and modern equipment ensure the highest possible service level for our customers.

Erect scaffold

On site demand specification, scaffolding in parallel with the baseline activities in multiple steps. Our experienced workforce is ready to help.

Scaffold rent

If you are ready to erect our scaffolds yourself, we can support you with rental scaffolds. On site survey is available in this case as well.

Letölthető termékkatalógusok

Scafold sale

Induserv is the Hungarian reseller of the HÜNNEBECK and HARSCO product portfolio (BOSTA and MODEX scaffolds, RASTO, MANTO and VARIOMAX/TOPFLEX formworks)

New and used scaffold sales

Safety is our top priority

The human life and health is priceless so it is our topmost priority. There are no pressing deadline, profit target or threatening loss which could force us to compromise in health and safety.

It is absolutely no coincidence, that the Hungarian H&S legislation is rapidly moving toward ever higher H&S standards. High penalties are applied for non compliance (scaffolds or scaffolding practices). The self made scaffolds and ladders are no suitable solutions for working at height problems and pose high level of H&S risk. The scaffolding is a special trade which needs special skills and experiences (not to mention/forget proper equipment).

Industrial scaffolding

Our team gained experience at the biggest and most challanging Hungarian industrial projects. It is a solid basis that we can serv our clients to their utmost satisfaction. Our colleagues prooved their skills at petrolchemical- and power plant maintenance and at greenfield industrial projects.

Construction scaffolding

Induserv is providing full scale scaffolding services for the construction trade. We provide the logistics, erection and dismantling and all related tasks. Our clients only need to care for their respective core competencies.

Industrial scaffolding - modular scaffolds

Industrial scaffolding represent a special trade within scaffolding. Special demands, environment and tasks characterise it, compared to "normal" facade scaffolding. There are only a handful of scaffolder companies who can comply.

Industrial scaffolding

Extreme challenges

Extreme heights, scaffolding above rivers or a globe like water tank are the toughest challenges for the engineers. In these cases, expertise really matters.

Scaffolding in extreme situations

Office blocks, pre fab residential buildings

These types of projects are generally straightforward – the facades are straight, the logistics is simple. Nevertheless, challenges can be found here as well.

Office blocks, pre fab residential buildings

Ad scaffolds

Covering the scaffolds with advertisements is a popular solution, as the construction works can be hidden and the ads generate revenues for the landlords. The current trends moved away from the ads parallel with the facade into more exotic solutions.

Ad scaffolds

Asbestos removal projects

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance therefore we face special requirements for our scaffolding services. Our expertise really makes a difference.

Asbestos removal projects

Architectural heritage protection scaffolds

The architectural heritage buildings belong to downtown areas where logistics can be challenging. To obtain the necessary permits is not straightforward as well.

Architectural heritage protection scaffolds