MODEX modular scaffold

With our MODEX modular scaffold even the most difficult industrial projects can be realized.

BOSTA 70 scaffold

The BOSTA70 scaffold is ideal for the construction trade. Its platform width is 70 cm, max load capacity is 200 kg/m2.

BOSTA 100 állványzat

In case a wide and high load capacity scaffold is needed, than BOSTA100 is the ideal choice. Beside a platform width of 100 cm it has a maximum load capacity of 600 kg/m2.


The HÜNNEBECK RASTO formwork was developed for small to medium projects and is manually transportable.


The HÜNNEBECK MANTO wall formwork was developed for bigger projects.


The HÜNNEBECK VARIOMAX wooden beam slab formwork is suitable for all kind of projects.