If you want a complete scaffold system or only want some elements we are happy to help you.

Aktuális ajánlatunk

Aktuális ajánlatunk keretében 195 m2-es B70 használt, jó állapotú állványzati csomagot vásárolhat 1.927.500 Ft + áfa áron. A csomag családi házak felújítási munkáihoz lett optimalizálva.

Természetesen több csomagot is vásrolhat, amennyiben nagyobb mennyiségre van szüksége.


Here are the answers for most of your questions regarding scaffold sales.
What type of scaffolds do we offer?
We offer new and used Hünnebeck Bosta and compatible scaffolds. We offer used Graf and Layher Blitz scaffolds as well.
New or used scaffold is the better option?
If you want to buy using public funds, than only used scaffolds are accepted. Otherwise the used scaffold is the more economical option.
How much does it cost?
The price of the scaffold is depending on the complexity of the system. The more auxiliary items it holds and the smaller bay's width make the scaffold more expensive and more usable.

Hünnebeck Bosta compatible scaffold starts at 8.500 HUF / sqm + VAT as a new product, and 6.500 HUF / sqm + VAT as a used one.

Can you inspect the used scaffold prior to buying them?
Of course. At our stockyard you have the option to inspect the scaffold.
Payment terms
You have to pay prior to delivery. If you buy new scaffold, than you have to pay 50% upon order as a deposit. The final 50% is to be paid prior to transport.