We rent scaffolds at competitive rates without erection and dismantling as well.

We rent scaffolds without additional services (erection, dismantling, transportation) as well. Why should you pay for something you do not need?

For small scale projects a pure rent can be the optimal solution if the Client can build the scaffold himself.


Here are the answers for most of your questions regarding rental.

What type of scaffold can you rent from us?

We offer Hünnebeck Bosta and Layher Blitz scaffolds. Both offered scaffold type belong to the most trusted and safe scaffold systems. When you compare rental offers we suggest that besides price you shall compare the offered scaffold type as well. The too wide or too heavy systems are very labor intensive.

What are our general terms and conditions for rent?

Private persons shall personally sign the contract in our office. They shall show their ID card to prove their identity. Companies can contract us per email. A deposit of 2000 HUF/sqm is needed as a bank transfer. Deposit is returned upon handling back the rented scaffold.

When is rent the best option?

For smaller projects like family houses. If the on site workforce can handle the scaffolding tasks and the surface is relatively small (less than 300 sqm), or the scaffold is rebuilt several times.

How much does it cost?

In case the facade is not too complicated, than the following rates are applicable:

  • Less than 100 sqm scaffold: 3.500 HUF/day + VAT
  • 100 sqm - 300 sqm: 6.000 HUF/day + VAT
  • Over 300 sqm: 20 HUF/sqm/day + VAT

Minimum rental period: 30 days.

Transportation process

Transportation is the responsibility of the client. The scaffolds are to be transported from (and at the end transported back to) the stockyard of our company (1214 Budapest II. Rákóczi Ferenc road 253-255).

For a fee of 50.000 HUF/transport + VAT we can provide the transportation for you. The loading at your site is to be provided by you.