We are one of the mayor players of the Hungarian scaffolding market. Our customers are top level Hungarian and multinational companies from the construction, utility, chemical and manufacturing sectors.


On scaffolds we are at home.

Induserv Állványművek Kft is a trusted partner since May, 1990 in the construction trade.

Our core activity is scaffolding at construction and industrial sites. Our 100.000 sqm Layher and Hünnebeck scaffolds, our engineers, our h&s inspectors and our dedicated scaffolders guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.

Our 30 years' history proves, that we deliver what we promise.

The scaffolds are made according to your needs. They comply with the strictest h&s standards. There is nothing more valuable, than human life.

Erection & dismantling

This timelaps video shows an actual project.

Our services

Industrial scaffolding

Our company has decades long experiences in industrial scaffolding. We worked in the refinery of MOL, in almost all power plants in Hungary, in the factories of Monsanto, Procter&Gamble, PannióniaBio, Mercedes, Audi. We delivered on our promises everywhere.

Scaffolding for construction sites

Our company is a trusted subcontractor since its foundation. We worked for almost all significant local and multinational construction companies. Do you know what is common of Allee, Corvin Plaza, Campona and KÖKI terminal shopping centres? At all sites our scaffolds were deployed.

Scaffolding of historical buildings

We love these kind of tasks. We are proud, that we could contribute to the reconstruction of the built heritage of Hungary.


Here are the answers for most of your questions regarding scaffolding.

What kind of scaffolding can we deliver?

During our history of over 30 years we had all possible scaffolding tasks. We scaffolded shopping malls, educational institutions, churches, power plants, factories, dormitories, private houses, chimneys and tunnels. We are omnivorous.

How can you ask for an offer?

Please send the drawings of the building. If possible some photos, your contact details and a small description regarding your scaffolding needs. We send you a preliminary offer. If this offer meets your expectations, than we arrange a site visit to make a detailed offer.

How much will it cost you?

All projects are different. Different in complexity and size. One thing is sure: you will get an offer based on the actual market rates. We strive for long term relationships.

Do we scaffold smaller projects?

We had lots of bigger projects already. Sure, these are on our website. But we had even more smaller projects. Our indicative price for smaller (less than 300 sqm) projects in Pest county is 2.500 HUF/sqm + VAT. This price includes delivery erection and dismantling and 30 days rent. Minimal project price is 300.000 HUF + VAT.