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Scaffolding services for new constructions, renovations, industrial facilities.

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We love difficult tasks

We do not pick the easiest tasks. We can handle the complex tasks as well.

Based on our several decades of experiences we can handle the most complex scaffolding needs.

Already we have scaffolded churches, monuments, turbines. We worked hanged above the Danube. We encapsulated the old asbestos contaminated boiler blocks of the Százhalombatta Power Plant. We did not run away from a single task.


If you have a challenging task for us than we are more than happy to start working for you.

Through our Group - the Hercsel Group - we can solve complex tasks as well: renovation of historic facades, machine plastering, sand blasting, passive fire protection painting, corrosion protection. Everything from one hand. You do not have to coordinate several companies. Inside our group we handle the organisation.


completed projects

Latest projects

Saint Imre Church in Budapest

Established in 1938 was renovated in 2019-2020. We scaffolded the towers up to the crosses.

Absorber of a power plant

We built 100 tons of scaffolds within 2 weeks' time into this absorber. It was a special challenge due to the 60 meters height and the closed space. It was inspiring to be part of a multinational team.

Magyarok Nagyasszonya templom

Scaffolding of a church is one of the most complex tasks of our trade. That is why we love it. It is our utmost pleasure that we contribute to the renovation of our country's built heritage.

We are here since 1990.

Our company was established on May 10, 1990. We are here for 31 years. How many company can show such history?

Lets start working together

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. Ask for a quote and lets try out each other.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers for most of your questions.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us via phone, email or through our contact form. 

What do we need to give you an offer?

Please provide your company's name, your contact details, the address of the site and a brief description of the tasks. If possible send us drawings (plain section and cross section) and a description regarding your scaffold needs.

Is there any cost for an offer?

No. Offer is free. First we give you an estimate based on the drawings. If this estimate is acceptable for you, than we arrange a site visit to make a detailed offer.

What price level we offer and what can you expect for that?

We provide our offer based on the actual market rates. The quality of our services is one of the top in the Hungarian market. It is unique in the Hungarian market, that we have 3 registered civil engineers, 2 health and safety controllers and 3 site supervisors. If you have a multi language site for us, than we can communicate in German and English as well.

Feedback from our customers

"To construct a complex bioethanol factory I have to choose my contractors carefully. With scaffolding services Harsco/Induserv was a reliable partner"

John Handel

"At reconstruction works of historical buildings no mistake can be made. That is why we work with Állványművek."

Babcsán Gábor

'It is always challenging to build a battery factory. Induserv Állványművek Kft built safe scaffolds on time."

Yuan Song